Hey there! I'm Nicole, designer and founder of Lost In Lettering Paper Boutique. For most of my life, I believed that being successful in a career meant getting a 9-5 desk job that paid well and bored you half to death. I started down that path strong when I graduated college with degrees in Accounting and Business Management. I got a great entry-level accounting job that was wayyy more than just a 9-5 and got burned out fast. I suppose my 18-year-old self didn't quite understand how important creativity would be to me when I decided what career path to go down. By 24 years old I found myself craving some kind of creative outlet. Enter: Lost In Lettering. 


Lost In Lettering is truly a home-grown brand, started from the comfort of my very own bedroom... in my parents house! What started as a quick late night decision to open an Etsy shop has transformed into my pride and joy. After growing my Etsy shop over the first few years of Lost In Lettering's life, I decided to leave the 9-5 desk life behind and devote 100% of my attention to this business of mine. I quit my job, got myself a cute little office space, and never looked back. 


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